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What Are Cold Vest?

A cold vest is a convenient and effective way to cool the body. Such items are often used by athletes who are training or participating in events during the heat of the day. They are also used by those with medical conditions that tend to get worse during the heat of the year. This item is a vest that can be worn with clothing in the world of sports, day to day lifestyles, and even in some types of industries where workers are exposed to hot conditions.

A cold vest needs to fit well but also be lightweight in order to be very effective. This way it isn't restricting or putting unnecessary pressure on the body, especially the back and the neck areas. Typically, a cold vest is going to weigh about 2 to 3 pounds. The vest is simple to put on and it allows you to take trips in the heat of the summer and stay cool and not become dehydrated. There are options for children as well as adult sizes.

With the use of a cold vest, the temperature of the skin can be reduced by about 30 degrees. Yet it also allows the body to have a stable core temperature. As a result, the body is able to maintain fluids and a person is less likely to become dehydrated due to excessive sweating. This type of device also allows the blood to flow back to the muscles and this gives a person more endurance and better overall performance.

A cold vest is thin but it is able to successfully cool the body with ease for several hours. The materials it is made from include a liner and outer shell. There is gel inside of the vest that is non-toxic. This gel is what allows the cold vest to remain cold. The vest can be activated by placing it into a freezer, a bucket of ice water, and other means of getting it cold. The vest materials will hold that coolness.

Many people find using a cold vest allows them to enjoy outdoor activities during the heat of the day. It isn't a substitute for drinking plenty of water or reducing the risk of harm from UV rays. However, it can be a valuable resource so you don't suffer in the heat or feel like you must stay indoors until the sun goes down. These vests can be easily placed into your luggage and taken with you when you travel.

Buying a well-made cold vest is important so you can rely on it to do the job. Take your time to find one that fits well and that is made from very good materials. Many consumers find this quickly becomes an item they use regularly once they see the value it offers to them. A cold vest is easy to use and offers plenty of overall comfort and benefits. It can change the way you feel about the hotter times of the year and the activities you take part in. You have read, What Are Cold Vest?.
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